Thursday, December 6, 2012

Write Your Life Story

What to write? Write about your experiences. You lived them, so write about them.

What to say? Well, think back. What would you have liked to know about your parents' and grandparents' lives. Almost anything that they would have written would be treasured by you. Wouldn't that be so? So, it is simple. Write about your life as you lived it. Future generations in your family will treasure what you write.

You could quickly jot down the main events in your life and then start writing about each one as you have time. As you think of more events, jot them down too. Then write about them later.

Dig out all your old photographs and write on the back (in pencil) when it was taken and who was in the photograph. As you have time, write all you can recollect about the situation depicted in the photograph and attach it to the photograph.

Eventually, over a period of weeks and months you will accumulate much material for your book.  If you have done your writing on a computer's word processor, it is a simple matter to sort the recollections and photographs into some kind of order that makes sense to you.

As you begin to rough out a draft of your book you will need to write some transition comments as you move from one recollection to the next.

At some point, you will be ready to begin putting together your book. At this point, software like Blurb's BookSmart® will come in handy to organize your photographs and textual material.

We encourage you to go to the web site to see what they have to offer you. If you decide to use the FREE BookSmart® software we also encourage you to view the video tutorials found at this free web site. 

To see what others have done go to the following web site: When you reach that page, click on any of the books. If the book you choose reveals a banner across the front that says PREVIEW BOOK, click on the banner to see the pages inside.