Monday, December 3, 2012

Write a Book about your Travels

You have done some traveling and, due to the simplicity and low cost of digital cameras, you have dozens of great photographs to show family and friends. One great way of doing this is by presenting them in a book.

It is hard to believe, but with the power of digital cameras and the wonderful photo-imaging software now available, those photographs that you took can be easily cropped and enhanced to show each one at their best.

If you kept even a few notes about each place you visited, you can easily add explanatory comments that will enhance the reader's enjoyment of your book. If you have forgotten the details about a particular place, the Internet is always a handy way to search-out those interesting details you did not write down.

Once you have chosen what photographs you want in your book, have altered them to show what you wanted and have the narrative to accompany each, it is a simple matter to put together a beautiful, coffee-table quality book that will knock the socks off every person that sees it!

Simply go to on the web and take a look at what services they offer to help you put your book together. If you choose their FREE BookSmart® software, we encourage you to go to this web site where authors who have used Blurb to write their books have crafted 30+ video tutorials that demonstrate each step in the book-making process. Best of all, they provide the videos free of charge. 

When you use these resources, writing your book becomes an enjoyable process and you will be very pleased with the product - your book. (Blurb only charges you for the printing and shipping of your book - and you can see the cost beforehand.)

Take a look at some of the travel books (posted at that others have done. When you reach that page click on any of the books. If that book has a banner across the front that read PREVIEW BOOK click on the banner and you will be able to see the pages within the book.

So, why don't you get started today? When your family and friends ask you about your recent travels simply hand them a copy of your book! They will be delighted. And you will be justifiably proud!