Friday, December 7, 2012

Share your spiritual journey.

What better way to witness to others than to write about your own spiritual journey and the challenges you met in life through your faith in God?

You have experienced for yourself the Truth of God's Word as lived and practiced in daily life. Share that with family and friends and with others that may be just now facing seemingly unconquerable burdens.

Write of your experiences on your word processor then upload them to either or Amazon's Create Space to be published. Both offer free book-creation services and allow you to preview your completed book before giving the order to print an actual proof copy. You pay their very reasonable fees ONLY at the time you print your book.

You can read more about each service at: and Both services allow you to not only print a copy of your book but make it available to others that might benefit from reading it.

Large print runs, with their attendant monetary investments, are not needed. In fact, an interested person can order a single book and they will print it up for them.  Both services also allow you to make your book available in eBook format.

If you decide to use the services, we can recommend downloading the free program, BookSmart, that will assist you in writing your book. The program is very intuitive but should you need assistance we are providing free video tutorials HERE.