Saturday, December 8, 2012

Purpose of this Blog

Through this blog we hope to encourage you to write about those things that matter to you - life experiences, accomplishments, spiritual journey, children, parents or travels.

Every person has a world of experiences that they can share with others. We hope that you will share these in written form, including what photographs and other documents will help tell your story.

Through trial and error we stumbled upon several Internet services that help people write and publish their own books. One of these is - they provide authors with simple to use software and other services that will help you put together and print your own quality books.

One of Blurb's services is their free software, BookSmart®, which allows you, the author, to easily and quickly create a beautiful, coffee-table-quality book at no cost.  Once you have perfected your book, you can have Blurb publish it for you, in either print or eBook format, at a very reasonable cost.

After using Blurb's BookSmart® for several years while writing over a dozen books, friends asked  for assistance in writing their own books. To help them get started, some 30-plus video tutorials were created that demonstrate the steps in the creation of a book using Blurb's BookSmart®. 

Should you wish to avail yourself of these videos, they are posted, and can be viewed free of charge HERE.

Perhaps,'s CreateSpace may meet your needs just as well, especially if you have mostly text. Write your book on your word processor, convert it to PDF format and follow Amazon's instructions to upload it to them for printing.  Read more about this option at: .